This year’s festival promises to be spontaneous, hilarious and contain a broad range of performers from around the globe. Equally fun-loving and diverse, are their visitors. It is the festival’s objective to be the most accessible and inclusive street festival in the city.

At the BuskerAccess Tent, visitors are provided with assistance by one of our accessibility volunteers. They are easy to spot by the accessibility symbol on their shirts. Visit the BuskerAccess tent located by the Wheeltrans drop off on Eastern Avenue, just east of
Coxwell Avenue, for assistance or information about the following:
  • Basic assistance negotiating the site
  • Two designated accessible stages with reserved seating
  • Festival accessibility information
  • ASL interpreted performances on Friday night (see schedule below) as well as non-verbal performances throughout the festival

If you are booking with Wheel Trans, use the code "Buskers-W", to be dropped off close to our accessibility tent.

ASL Stage
On Friday, Sept 2, from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m., one stage will feature performances accompanied by ASL interpretation.

ASL Stage Schedule*

Also, Non-verbal performances will happen each day throughout the festival.

* all schedules are subject to change